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Create and Bloom Studio’s Mission Create and Bloom Studios is a photography studio and creative workspace ideally located in downtown Sacramento. After 14 years as a photographer, I opened the studio as a place where I could create and invite other local creatives to grow their business and skill. I dreamed of owning a photography […]

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Should I Hire a Business Coach? If you are a photographer, you’ve probably wondered if you should hire a business coach. You might have a successful business that is running smoothly for the most part, but maybe you’re just not growing the way you hoped you would. Or perhaps you’re stuck at a full-time job, […]

5 reasons you should hire a business coach for your photography business

One of my main passions when it comes to photography is helping others as they are starting their businesses. I always say that there is enough sunshine for everyone. As someone who has been in the industry for many years, I feel it is my job to educate newer photographers and collaborate with my community. […]

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I will be the first to admit that I am an over-packer. When I go on 3 day vacations, I pack for an entire week! Even when I’m shooting a 20 minute mini-session, I bring the same gear that I bring to full-day weddings. You just never know what you might need, so I like […]

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A styled shoot is an opportunity to create beautiful images without the rush of an actual wedding day. It also gives wedding vendors a chance to hone their skills and receive practice and training to better serve clients in the future.

A New Addition to Create and Bloom Imagine your dream space. Now imagine that it is an actual space that lives up to those expectations. For me, my dream space was Create and Bloom Studios. After years of dreaming of owning my own studio I was able to transform a Midtown Sacramento property into my […]

Create and Bloom Studios came to life after years of dreaming of having my own studio; a place to create, meet clients, and connect with local creatives. I have made my studio a space where not only I could create and bloom, but other local entrepreneurs could grow their own business and skill. As a […]

I chase golden sunsets, I believe the ocean is where peace lives and my love for storytelling through imagery will give you a portrait that you not only see but can feel. 

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