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June 17, 2021

A New Addition to Create and Bloom

Imagine your dream space. Now imagine that it is an actual space that lives up to those expectations. For me, my dream space was Create and Bloom Studios. After years of dreaming of owning my own studio I was able to transform a Midtown Sacramento property into my dream photography studio. It quickly became a place where I could create, invite other creatives to grow, and connect with clients and the community. When the opportunity to expand my studio space came up, I was so excited! Create and Bloom is growing and the addition of this new space has added a new and fun dynamic to the studio!

midtown sacramento natural light photo studio

Sacramento Midtown Loft Studio

Our original studio space featured a consultation space and two rooms for photo sessions with lots of natural light. In the loft space, we decided to turn the newest addition, the loft space, into a darker, moodier space for portraits. This studio space is 600 square feet and is filled with everything you need for your session. From props, to backdrops, and incredible lighting, it’s all here in our space for you to use. Creatives can bring their vision to life at Create and Bloom Studios! 

backdrops and furniture at sacramento photography studio

Create New Things at the Loft

As a photographer, I understand that clients have different needs. Some sessions require more white space and natural light and other sessions require darker backdrops and artificial lighting to capture the right mood. My background is mainly in studio lighting, so this new space has given me the opportunity to create and bloom as well with new techniques! The Midtown Loft is perfect for more dynamic photo sessions. The space allows both photographers and models to be even more creative!

creative photo sessions sacramento studio

Session Ideas at the Loft

There are endless possibilities for creating here at our Midtown loft studio. The loft is ideal for photographers who are looking to experiment with new things. There is plenty of natural light AND it’s also the perfect space to experiment with different types of artificial lighting. The variety of backdrops mean you can easily create a lot of content with different backgrounds, making the studio great for batching content for social media! There are plants and modern furniture that you can move around and use to add depth to your photos. Come create something beautiful at Create and Bloom Studios!

Visit Create and Bloom Studios Today!

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring photographer, make your vision a reality at Create and Bloom Studios. Our 600 square feet of creative space are at your disposal. I’ve seen some incredible creations from photographers that have visited the studio space and I can’t wait to see what you create. Visit Create and Bloom Studios in Midtown Sacramento today.

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