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June 17, 2021

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Nails by Canishiea

I stumbled across Canishiea’s Instagram profile purely by chance one day and I was immediately drawn to her. She runs Nails by Canishiea, creating amazing nail art that is based on healthy nails. She has an incredible understanding of nail health. So many nail techniques ruin your nails, but not Canishiea’s! Health is a priority of her brand. I booked my first appointment with her and I was not disappointed! Not only was her work fabulous, but her sweet and fun personality left me feeling beautiful and uplifted.

After a few more appointments, I felt an amazing connection with Canishiea. We are both mothers and entrepreneurs. It was so obvious that she had a passion for her craft. Three years later, she has scaled her business and is a leading nail artist collaborating with beauty industry leaders like ManiMe and even being interviewed by Facebook! I could not be more excited for her success!

Balancing Motherhood + Entrepreneurship

I’ve loved being able to capture photos of this incredible boss babe, wife, and mom! Balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship makes for one crazy life. It’s like having two 24/7 jobs where most people don’t see all of the work that goes into them. We have celebrated our wins as moms and entrepreneurs and leaned on each other for support. We remind each other that we work hard and deserve all of the success that comes!

If you are looking for nail designs by Canishiea, check out her Instagram, website, or collection on ManiMe

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