"I live and breathe to capture life's most romantic moments."


I am true California girl with a wanderlust spirit, flip flops until my toes freeze off, windows down on the open road flipping stations between new country & old school soul singing my heart out the whole way.

I didn’t find myself born with a camera in my hand like most it was more of a passion that found me. A turn of life events that changed everything and at the same time made everything fall into place again. I have always been a people watcher, looking for the couples who can’t keep their eyes off each other, the older couple who still holds hands as the stroll the park, and the couple on their first date wondering if this person could be the one. I always day dream their story, wondering how, who and what’s next for this couple. My passion for capturing love is what inspires me to pick up my camera every day and be the one who helps your love story be remembered for years to come.








My passion in life is to
capture lives most
romantic moments.

Life is better with a
little bubbly

My favorite love story
is my own. I married
my Knight and Shining
on June 11, 2016

My Starbucks order is
a Soy Chai Latte

It took me 22 years to
embrace the Curly
Hair Lifestyle...

I was a D1 Softball
Athlete on the
East Coast

Family always
comes first

why bloom?

The name Bloom started with a childhood favorite tale, Beauty and The Beast. But as I begun to a dream a little more a blooming flower is like the journey of love. You water it, you give it sunshine, you watch it grow and over time you reach the moment you bloom into love.

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