5 Common Struggles for Photographers (And Their Solutions!)

April 3, 2022

One of my main passions when it comes to photography is helping others as they are starting their businesses. I always say that there is enough sunshine for everyone. As someone who has been in the industry for many years, I feel it is my job to educate newer photographers and collaborate with my community. Since I’ve gone through these struggles myself, I’m happy to share the solutions that have worked for my business!

How to Set Prices as a Photographer

how to set prices as a wedding photographer

One of the most significant struggles photographers face is setting their prices. It’s hard to figure out how much to charge clients and when it’s time to change your prices. If you are struggling with your pricing, here are a few tips that have helped me throughout the years:

  • Work backward to figure out what to charge. First, determine how much you need to make each month. Then divide that by the number of shoots you hope to schedule in a month. You’ll end up with the price you should be charging for each shoot.
  • Do market research. Look at the pricing for photographers in your area with a similar skillset and style. See what prices work for them and use that to determine your own pricing.
  • Remember that your experience and skill level matter, but that doesn’t mean you have to shoot for free.
  • Keep track of your expenses to have a more realistic idea of how much you take home.

What to Invest In

When you first start your photography business, newer, nicer gear seems like the perfect investment to help you start making more $. BUT good equipment doesn’t mean you’ll get more clients. It’s essential to invest in your BRAND as well. Having a good brand will bring in leads and new clients. Try these tips when investing in your business:

things to invest in as a new photographer
  • Invest in branding, website design, copy, and marketing to grow your business. Clients don’t care how much your camera costs, but they care about a good brand experience.
  • Invest in education. The more we learn and grow, the better our work is. You’re more likely to bring in bookings when you have better work to show to leads.

Figuring Out Networking

The photography community can seem like a scary place when you’re starting out, but there is so much to learn from fellow photographers and wedding vendors! Here are the thoughts I like to keep in mind when it comes to networking:

  • Collaborate with your community. It will lead to personal growth.
  • Fellow photographers are not your competition; they’re on the same team as you! 
  • Wedding vendors feel many of the same feelings you do. So don’t be afraid to reach out and just talk with people in the community.
photographer networking ideas

Finding the Right Mentor or Coach

A mentor or business coach can do wonders for your business. As someone who has been there and done that, the right coach can help you avoid common mistakes and make good decisions for your brand. You won’t have to navigate the business world alone, wondering if you’re doing it right. When it comes to looking for the right mentor or coach, ask yourself these questions:

  • Has this person been through what I am currently going through?
  • Do they have a brand that I look up to?
  • Have they grown their business the way I want to grow?

Being Confident in Your Photography Business

common struggles for new photographers

The last common struggle for photographers that I’m sharing in this post is confidence. Confidence doesn’t happen overnight, and it is something we all struggle with from time to time. Imposter syndrome is real and sneaks up on you when you least expect it. My number 1 tip on running your business with confidence is to be prepared. Coming to your sessions and weddings prepared will do wonders for your mindset. I also created a guide that will help you photograph weddings and sessions confidently. You will learn 5 secrets to photographing a wedding with confidence. The best part? It’s a free download! Grab yours here.

Link to the freebie that I have on FB if we want to link it somewhere?? 

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