My Wedding Is During A Pandemic…Now what?

June 4, 2020

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The last thing on our minds for 2020 was a Global pandemic! It really seems like a something out of a movie. For my couples planning their big day it seems like the worse movie plot they have ever seen. If wedding planning isn’t stressful enough I know this is a major blow to the high of all your wedding bliss. But.. there is a light at the end of this and I’m certain that your love deserves to still be celebrated!

Here are some tips & words of hope for my lovely couples who are a little more stressed than normal.

#1 Talk with your vendors! Open communication is key to navigating your big day. We all want you to have the happiest day ever and are all willing to make sure you get that. If you have to postpone get multiple date options from your venue that are available and talk with your vendors and see who is available before securing.

#2 Still celebrate your original wedding date! Create a romantic date night, have a small (safe) gathering with family, have a photoshoot with your photographer or write letters to each other. The list goes on forever but celebrate! You have been looking forward to your wedding date for months embrace the chaos and make it full of love and joy.

#3 There is nothing wrong with a long engagement. Take the time to get to know each other, build your marriage, work on communication and embrace the gift of time. Check out one of my favorite books; The Five Love Languages, The Secret to The Love That Last by Gary Chapman!

#4 Have fun with it. Bring joy to the situation. Give hand sanitizer as your thank you gift, take a group mask image, have a sign saying “we survived being quarantined together this marriage will last”. Lighten up your heavy hearts.

#5 Always remember…. Your love story is still the most beautiful story you will ever tell and your marriage will always be more important than any one day.


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