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May 28, 2020

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Hey… I’m Danielle & Welcome to my blog!

Okay I’ll be honest from the start. Even saying “Welcome to my blog” gives me some (maybe a lot) of anxiety. What to say.. what to do… yup this will be a, let’s say an experience.

I am a mama & wifey to the two most amazing people on earth. A vibrant, bold, fearless and the sweetest little girl on the planet is whom I am blessed to call my daughter. I am sure there will be many blogs and photos of her soon to come. I married my college sweetheart who is the most genuine and kindest man I’ve ever met. My list of all his wonderful attributes goes on forever but I will save you for now from the mushiness.

As for me I am passionate in creating and documenting moments that mean the most to us. New love, wedding days, baby bumps and little ones first hours. In some ways I feel like photographers have such an important role to our history. Giving future generations an opportunity to see their family and experience what was. It is more than a post online for me it is tangible items to pass down and feel.

So with that brief introduction. I welcome you to my blog where you will find hopefully helpful tips & tricks for wedding planning, marriage advice from my husband and I , and my motherhood joys and struggles.

Talk to Yall Soon.


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