Do I Really Need A Professional Photographer?

June 5, 2020

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Okay you guys… spilling some tea for you. I know in this day of age everyone and I mean everyone is a photographer. Cameras are easy to purchase and YouTube tutorials are everyone’s best friend. I am definitely a fan of how to videos. I’m also a believer in we all have to start somewhere.EXCEPT in the case of someone photographing only one of the most important and special days of your life. 

Here are 5 easy reasons why to hire a professional… 

#1 The images are going to be loved and looked at for generations. Not just a quick post every year on your anniversary. But your children’s children’s will see them one day. There is no do over or time for blurry images. You want high quality! 

#2 Professionals know the flow of the day. We help. We guide. We make sure your timeline is on time. Our main focus is to create and capture your authentic & organic love story. 

#3 Professionals have invested in their passion and career and have top quality equipment and backup equipment. You want your photograph to understand the mechanical side of photography. 

#4 Professionals have invested in their education of photography. Where formal education or from independent lesson we have done our research to understand our craft from gear, lighting to posing, we do all of this for you to love your images. 

#5 Okay so your saying nope my aunt  is a professional, high quality & photographed a wedding before. So this last one I’ve seen this with my own eyes. You hire your aunt or who ever to take the photos. Next thing you know is there they are of chatting to another family member with a cocktail in their hand and missing valuable moments to your wedding story that deserve to be captured. Uh oh say bye bye to your reception photos! You may be laughing right now but hey it’s true it happens.

So please trust me when I see its IMPORTANT! Hire someone you can trust, like their style & who is in your budget. You will be much happier when you look back on your day.


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