How to Choose a Wedding Photographer: From a California Wedding Photographer

May 8, 2021

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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer: From a Sacramento Wedding Photographer

As you plan a wedding, there are so many decisions to make! One of the big decisions you will have to make is: who will be your wedding photographer? Not only is wedding photography a huge investment, but it is also one of the few things that you get to take with you from your special day. The florals, the venue, the food, and the cake is all gone at the end of the day. What you are left with are images that will keep the magic of your wedding day alive. Allowing you to relive those precious moments every time you look at them. So, here are some tips on how to choose the perfect wedding photographer to capture those moments on your wedding day!

Know Your Style

When looking for a photographer, it’s important to have a good idea of what photography style you like. Pinterest is great way to find different photography styles and ideas. You can visit my Pinterest to see my photography style! Scout the work of a few photographers you like and look for similarities in their work. Inquire with the wedding photographers that shoot in the style you prefer. You can even ask a photographer how they describe their shooting and editing style. You can’t expect moody, dramatic photos from a photographer that shoots and edits in a light and airy style. Knowing your own style will help you reach out to the right people as you start your search for a wedding photographer.

Hire an Experienced Professional

A professional and experienced photographer has an established business that complies with legal requirements and has the equipment to keep your photos safe. Ask your prospective wedding photographer if they can provide proof of insurance. Many wedding venues require that vendors be fully insured. Professionals will also keep your photos safe by backing up their work and possibly shooting with dual SD cards. Ask about the process a photographer uses to keep your photos safe before booking with them! Also check the contract for their policies on lost photos or anything else you might be concerned about.

Pick Your Date & Venue Before Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Nothing is more heartbreaking than picking out your *dream* wedding photographer, only to learn that they are unavailable on your wedding date. It is important to secure your venue and have your wedding date set before finding your photographer! Keep in mind that most photographers will ask for your date before meeting with you to make sure that they are not already booked. Additionally, some also require that your venue is secured before you sign a contract with them.

Interview Multiple Wedding Photographers

I will say it again—wedding photography is a huge investment! Interviewing multiple photographers will help you to be sure you are making the right decision with the person you decide to sign with. You will also get the chance to learn about each photographer’s style, strengths, packages, and personality! On that note…

Pick a Wedding Photographer That you get Along With

Your wedding photographer will become an important part of your wedding day and they will be one of the people you spend the most time with on your big day. So make sure you choose a wedding photographer that you get along with! If you like them as a person, you will feel more comfortable and look more natural while taking photos. You can learn a lot about a photographer’s personality from their social media and website, but meeting with them and getting to know them will help you to pick the perfect wedding photographer.

Stick to Your Budget, but Don’t Settle!

Last but not least, sticking to your budget is important. BUT this doesn’t mean you have to settle for just anyone. Inquire with photographers that are in your price range. If they don’t have their starting prices listed, let them know what your budget is when filling out a contact form. Be open about your budget and, if your dream photographer is a little bit out of budget, ask if they have the ability to create a custom package for you with a little less coverage to stay in budget.

Looking for a Wedding Photographer?

I know that you will find and choose the perfect wedding photographer using these tips! If you liked my work showcased throughout this blog I might be the photographer for you! head over to my contact page and reach out. I’d love to be the one to capture your California wedding!

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