5 Reasons Why I Love To Photograph Weddings

August 28, 2022

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Since my title is Wedding Photographer, it should be pretty obvious that I LOVE weddings. I love attending them and being in them, but most of all, I love photographing weddings. I adore capturing the moments that will last forever on my couple’s special day. Thankfully I’ve built a business that allows me to do this. 

Weddings are an opportunity for connection and a chance for celebration. But the emotions and the joy of weddings and being a part of this beautiful milestone are enough to always keep me going back for more. There is just so much to love about weddings, but I’ve (somehow) narrowed it down to FIVE reasons why I love to photograph weddings. 


I love LOVE! And I’m a BIG softie for those happily ever after stories. You know, those Disney classics, Nicholas Spark novels, timeless rom-com like You’ve Got Mail, or just falling in love with TV characters from my favorite show, Gray’s Anatomy.

The perfect tale of love gets me every time. A wedding is an ideal setting for lovers to celebrate their journey; the entire day is filled with such beautiful energy. I absolutely love that I get to see that magic spark in the eyes of my clients on one of the most memorable days of their lives.  


Photographers are artists, and our creative outlet of choice is photography. Imagery allows us to express ourselves and our work while bringing out the beauty and magic we capture with our lens. 

Another creative piece of wedding photography I love is the pleasure of capturing my couples within the scenery of their choice. Since every couple I work with is uniquely different, I get to experience a huge range of wedding decorations, looks, styles, venues, and vibes. 

Capturing my client’s different visions for their day keeps me on my toes and my days are never the same. This constant change of pace and scenery allows my creative juices to ooze so I can capture love stories in the setting of their choice. Some have been grand and elegant, some are bold and bright, while others let the location speak for itself. 

The possibilities are endless, and I love seeing it all come to life.

The Dress

I mean, do I even need to explain myself? The dress, the dress, the dress! I could sit in a wedding dress shop all day and watch brides-to-be try dresses on until they find THE one. The connection between the dress and the bride is pure magic, and I love seeing what my clients choose for theirs and how it works with the groom’s outfit, the decorations, and the setting. 

The Flowers

Great photographers notice the tiny details on our client’s big day. Since our bride and grooms have just spent months, maybe even years, choosing every element –down to the last detail– to bring their wedding together all so they can experience a day they’ll never forget. 

As a wedding photographer, I get to capture these small pieces and amplify them in a beautiful way. One of my favorite details is the flowers. The flowers a bride chooses speaks volumes about their style, energy, personality, and so much more. Being able to capture their style through flowers is such a fun layer to being a wedding photographer. 

A bride who chooses red roses and garnet astilbe will be very different from the bride who chooses a combination of daisies and sunflowers. How they choose to use flowers in their decoration or bouquets is truly unique and always stunning! That’s why my job as a wedding photographer is never the same experience! 


What’s not to love about family-filled weddings? Whether it’s the cantankerous uncle or the sweet grandma who tells stories from her own fairy-tale wedding, no family is the same, just like no wedding is the same. Capturing the uniqueness of my client’s family is a surprising bonus to being a wedding photographer! 

The candid moments throughout the day are a joy to document and help tell the story of this special day. What’s a wedding without family there to celebrate, right?

These are only FIVE reasons I love wedding photography! There are so many other things that get me excited about the weekends during the wedding season. Between the smiles, tears, laughter, and dance moves, I adore capturing the memories of this day through a photographic lens.

As a Bay Area wedding photographer, I absolutely love capturing wedding days. If you are planning a wedding in California, I would love to be the one to take photos of your special day. Contact me to get started!

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