Fall Mini Sessions Open For The 2022 Season!

September 28, 2022

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It’s Fall, y’all! And every year around this time, I wonder how my kiddos keep growing. Am I the only one?

I don’t know about you, but I can still remember imagining holding them in my arms before I even met them! Yet here they are, and every time I blink, they get a little bit taller and a little more opinionated (oh, just mine?!). 

As they grow, I always make sure that we get semi-annual family photos done –because, let me tell you, I LOVE me some family photos. 

Why do I love family photos so much? 

Because as a mama, I NEVER get to be in them! A few selfies here and there are not enough (nor do they make for great wall-hanging portraits). Sometimes I might get a not-so-cute photo that my sweet husband takes for me by request only, and while I appreciate the effort, it’s never to my standards. Can you relate, mama? 

So professional photography it is! 

Beautiful photos of my family where we all look our best are treasures for this mama-heart. Not only are these images perfect for holiday cards or social media updates, but they look amazing on the walls of our home. 

That’s why I love arranging a Fall Photoshoot Session for my family!

Because let’s be real, SO much changes in a year! Families expand, kids grow up, and new events happen (think engagements & weddings!) –there are so many reasons to celebrate! 

And I personally think Fall is THE perfect time to do family photos! It just has this magic to it that brings all the feels. 

Plus, not only do you get Fall foliage colors and cooler weather, but you also get to wear some cute and cozy outfits –and let’s be honest, Fall weather outfits make for the cutest pictures! 

And I know I am not the only mama out there that loves professional Fall Photos, which is exactly why I am opening up limited spaces for a Fall Mini Session Photoshoot! 

As of September 23, 2022 (the day after the Fall season officially starts), photography clients can start booking Fall Mini Sessions for October and November!

Fall Mini Session Details:

Cost: $350

Duration: 20 minutes

Deliverable: 5 fully edited images

Bonus: Early Access Booking, 16×20 Print AND 5 additional images

Book your date before October 7th so you can snag your family session before they’re gone!

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