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July 27, 2021

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Courtney’s Maternity Boudoir Shoot

I am in love with this beautiful maternity boudoir session with Courtney. Her photos exude confidence and celebrate the amazing changes her body has gone through during her pregnancy. This maternity session was taken at Create and Bloom Studios in Sacramento, a photo studio with many unique spaces for your next photo session!

What is maternity boudoir?

Maternity boudoir sessions are a beautiful way to capture a unique phase of motherhood. Whether it is your first pregnancy or third, carrying a baby is a miraculous experience that should be celebrated and documented. Motherhood is so many things and carrying a life is a feeling that I don’t think any mother will ever forget. Yes, there are some not so fun parts—the nausea, aches, and pains—but the little flutters, kicks, and flips are something that fill your heart with a love that is hard to describe. It’s kind of like falling in love before ever laying eyes on your sweet baby. Maternity boudoir sessions are an intimate and emotional celebration of being a mother. They celebrate the miracle your body performs to carry your baby. Maternity sessions remind you that your body emanates strength and that you are one badass mama. Maternity boudoir honors the changes your body is going through. Boudoir is all about feeling strong, confident, and sexy. You will leave your maternity boudoir session with pride and positive energy. With your photos, you will be able to remember your pregnancy in a special way. 

When should you take maternity photos?

Each pregnancy is different, so there is no single perfect time to take maternity photos. It is recommended to schedule your maternity session around the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy, though. At that point, it’s likely that your belly will be most pronounced and round. You might start to show earlier if this isn’t your first pregnancy, so think of scheduling your maternity photos earlier. Any time past 35 weeks, you may feel too fatigued or uncomfortable for photos. Make sure and communicate with your photographer about where you are at in your pregnancy! Schedule your session far in advance to make sure your photographer has availability. Your photographer should also have in mind a location that is comfortable without too much walking.

Sacramento Maternity Photographer

I have the privilege of capturing this amazing time in so many mamas’ lives! If you are pregnant and would like to schedule a maternity session, reach out to me today. My studio has beautiful locations and backdrops for maternity sessions, whether they are classic or boudoir.

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