How Often Should You Take Family Photos

September 1, 2021

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When Should You Update Family Photos?

Personally, I grew up not having many family photos. We actually only took family photos twice—when I was 3 years old and on my wedding day. I regret not having more family photos to look back on, so I was determined to take more family photos with my own family. Ever since we had our first daughter, we have taken family photos every fall or winter. Photography is an investment, but it is priceless to have these special moments as a family captured. It can be hard to decide how often to take family photos, so here are some helpful tips from a Sacramento family photographer (and wife and mom):

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Document the Growth of Your Family

The first piece of advice I will give you is to document the growth of your family by taking family photos once per year. So much happens during a year, so many changes and big life events. Babies turn into toddlers, who turn into kids, who turn into teenagers…you get the point. A family goes through so much growth and taking regular family photos can help to document those changes. You’ll be able to see the year that a new baby joined the family, or even a pet! Those memories are priceless and you will never regret having professional photos of them. Time goes by too fast and once it is gone, you can never go back.

One easy way to take annual family photos is to schedule a mini session! Many photographers offer mini sessions, typically in the fall. They are quick photo sessions where you can update your family photos easily at a lower cost! [insert info about Bloom mini sessions]

Tips for Family Photos

Especially when you have little ones, family photos can take up quite a bit of time and energy to schedule and complete. Here are some tips to make the process easier:

Don’t Put Pressure on the Session

It’s so much better to have candid and authentic images of your family. If there is too much pressure on the session, your family will be less likely to enjoy having their photos taken. The most important thing is that you will all be together and receive images that reflect the love you share. Things might go wrong, but it will be more enjoyable for everyone if there isn’t pressure or stress.

Find New Locations

Not every session has to be at the same neighborhood park! Do some research into photo locations, or ask your photographer for recommendations. You could even take photos somewhere that is meaningful to your family.

how often should you take family photos

Hire a Family Photographer if You Go on Vacation

Hiring a photographer while you are on vacation is a fun and easy way to update your family photos! When you plan your next trip, find a couple of photographers from your destination and reach out to them.

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Print Your Family Photos

When you print your family photos, you are creating an heirloom that you can pass down to your children! Printing photos is so important. It gives you something tangible to remind you of your family every day. You can use your professional photos to create wall prints or canvases that become a part of your home.

Have Your Favorite Family Photographer Document Your Family

My last piece of advice is to find a photographer that will help you document your growing family. Most of my clients first come to me when they are engaged to be married. I have documented families growing from an engagement to a wedding to a pregnancy to having a newborn and beyond! Finding a family photographer that you are comfortable with also helps when you have kids. They will be more comfortable in front of the camera with the same person year after year instead of meeting a stranger each time you take photos.

Sacramento Family Photographer

Is it time to take family photos? Reach out to me today to schedule your session! 

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