Wedding Collection Giveaway Winners: Lauren & Jalen

September 28, 2022

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Like every other human on the planet, I have a birthday every year (surprise!). Mine happens to fall on February 21st, and I seriously look forward to this day every year. Why you ask? Because I LOVE to celebrate my birthday in two very special ways.

  1. I treat myself to a spa day (because you know your girl loves a good pampering session) and
  2. I give away a FREE Wedding Collection (worth up to $4,000) to one lucky couple!

I’ve always been one to try and give back to my community, and although it might not be much in the grand scheme of wedding costs, I hope that one couple a year will appreciate saving some money for their big day!

The winning couple receives the Grand Prize of:

  • 8 hours of wedding day coverage
  • An engagement session
  • 4 hours of a second photographer
  • Custom USB drive
  • Private online gallery, and
  • Professional retouching

2022 marks the 5th year of my Wedding Collection Giveaway, and I have to say, I don’t see this giveaway stopping anytime soon because it makes me so HAPPY to help couples capture their special day and save a little money, too.

I always look forward to reading all the amazing love stories of couples that enter the giveaway, and I cannot wait for this lucky couple’s upcoming wedding!

Just wait until you hear their beautiful story!

The Bride’s Wedding Giveaway Entry Story

Like many modern couples, Lauren and her fiancé Jalen met on Tinder. After chatting for a while, Jalen finally asked Lauren on a date at a local restaurant. Lauren was a little nervous about meeting a stranger, so she enlisted one of her best friends and her fiancé to have dinner at the same restaurant so they could be on call should she need them.

Jalen & Lauren’s Entry Photo

Lauren thought it was a foolproof plan, but Jalen had seen the trio meet up beforehand as he went to the bathroom before the date! Needless to say, she was found out, but the date went so well that they all ended up going out afterward together and had a great time.

Fast forward to Lauren and Jalen embracing a solid “couple” status (and rocking the “parent” title to their gorgeous 3-year-old daughter), their favorite place to spend time together was on the beach in San Francisco, where they could get bottomless mimosas at a nearby restaurant.

One day, Jalen surprised Lauren with a trip to their favorite spot, and as they sat on the beach, he kept insisting on a photo of them with the bridge in the background. Lauren apparently was pretty annoyed that Jalen kept pushing the photo op, so she finally obliged him and waited impatiently as he found someone to take the photo. As it turns out, Jalen was having someone film what ended up being their engagement! According to Lauren, she was so in shock that all she could say was, “SHUT UP!”

Eventually, she did say, “Yes, of course!” And now here we all are, anxiously awaiting their upcoming wedding!

I do love a good love story, and that one is adorable!  

Want to win a free Wedding Collection Giveaway? Stay tuned next February for details to enter to win!

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