Playful Sunset Engagement Session in Oakland CA Lake Merritt

January 27, 2023

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This was such a playful and sweet engagement session with Nina and Kyle at Oakland CA Lake Merritt! We strolled around Lake Merritt and had so much fun! They wanted their engagement session to be somewhere where they spend a lot of time together. They live within walking distance of Lake Merritt and thought it would be the perfect location to capture their engagement session! The sun was shining and it was such a warm and clear day in the Bay Area!

Kyle + Nina’s Playful Oakland CA Lake Merritt Engagement Session

I love when couples choose a place for their engagement that has special meaning to them. It adds uniqueness to your photos and gives even more meaning behind them! Their chemistry was so light-hearted and fun! It was so easy just walking around and talking about anything and documenting their love along the way.

I always encourage couples to find a photographer that they can just hang out with because it creates a relaxed environment for the couple to just be themselves. That’s exactly how this engagement session went! We then took some more sweet photos near and in front of the historic Grand Lake Theatre! Kyle and Nina are getting married in the Spring of 2023, and I’m looking forward to capturing their wedding day too! They’ll be having their wedding in the Santa Cruz mountains at Kennolyn’s.

Let’s plan your own playful sunset engagement session together!

I’m so ready to document your own love story next and give you memories to last a lifetime! I’m all about giving my clients a warm and genuine experience. Find out more about me here, and if you think I’m right for you, let’s chat! I can’t wait to hear from you and learn all about your love story!

Couple posing for engagement photos in Oakland CA Merritt Lake

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Come see more of Nina and Kyle’s playful sunset engagement session below!

Couple posing for engagement photos in Oakland CA Merritt Lake

Couple posing for engagement photos in CA

Couple posing for photos in downtown Oakland

Couple posing for photos in downtown Oakland

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