How to Decide on a Wedding Photography Style

August 11, 2021

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Looking for your wedding photographer?

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As you start the hunt for your perfect wedding photographer, a question you will have to answer is:  What is your preferred photography style? The answer is so important because there are so many ways to document images at a wedding. Some trends go in and out of style, so you truly have to understand what you and your fiance want from a wedding photographer. Some popular styles are:


Classic photography features straightforward photos shot at eye-level and typically posed. Your parents and grandparents likely have traditional photographs from their wedding day and many photographers incorporate this style in family portraits and some posed portraits of the couple.


Editorial-style images are posed images designed to have a photoshoot-feel. Editorial photography is inspired by the types of images you see featured in fashion magazines. Couples who choose an editorial photographer typically are looking for a luxury-feel in their photos.

Dark & Moody

Dark and moody photography are shot in a dramatic style and typically incorporate creativity with lighting and editing. Dark and moody photographers have become more popular in recent years. 

Light & Airy

Light and airy photography is characterized by light images with pastel colors. White and clean backgrounds can create a gentle and feminine style.


Photojournalistic images are more candid images, taken as the day happens organically. Think of an image that is featured in a news story. There typically isn’t any posing, it is an image of an event as it happened.

Fine Art

Fine art photography is a style that is associated with film photography and is known for being light and bright. Colors appear clean and softer than straight digital images, which can have harsh lines and contrast.

My Wedding Photography Style

Over the years, I have been told again and again that my photography style doesn’t fit into one simple box. When I first started my career as a photographer, I wanted to follow photography trends, but I realized how quickly they went out of style and that my clients would not be happy with their images in the long-term. Now that I have been a wedding photographer for years, I have realized that I document a wedding day in a unique way that my clients love. I decided the best label for my wedding photography style is Romantic.

The Romantic Wedding Photographer

I am a hopeless romantic. I love old Greek tales and every book Nicholas Sparks has ever written. I cry at every wedding. (Really—it never fails!) The romance and love that fills the room on a wedding day is something I never tire of. I feel your love for each other in my soul and it brings out my emotions. Everytime I photograph a wedding, I can feel in my heart that this job is what I was meant to do.

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Capturing Real Moments

I view wedding photos as part of your family history. Your images are not just something for me to post online or a way for me to get featured in a popular wedding blog or win an award. I photograph in a way that my couples can sit with their children one day and relive their treasured moments of their wedding day. Your wedding photos should be timeless and real. My goal as your photographer is to find the tender looks between lovers, the tear-filled eyes of parents realizing their baby is all grown up, the beaming smiles of proud friends and family. I look for the true emotions of your wedding day and document them so you can hold onto them forever. These are the moments that deserve to be documented. These are the moments you will want to feel again when you hold your wedding photos 30 years from now.

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What I Offer as a Wedding Photographer

When you hire me to photograph your wedding, you are getting an experienced photographer with the skills needed to adapt to your unique wedding day. The style and emotions of your big day will be unique to your love story, and I am here to document those true moments. I will feel what you are feeling at your side as I document images that will become your family’s heirlooms. If you would love to have a romantic wedding photographer capture the memories at your wedding, contact me today. I am based in Sacramento, California and serve Northern California and am available for elopements anywhere you can dream of being married!

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