5 Reasons I Love Small Weddings

October 7, 2021

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Small weddings are becoming more and more popular. After many weddings were forced to be cancelled or become much smaller in 2020, more couples started realizing that there were real benefits to having a small wedding. I, for one, love small weddings and love being able to capture the romantic moments that a small wedding day creates! Here are some reasons I love small weddings:

Time Slows Down

Having a small wedding changes the focus of your entire day. The day really becomes about you. There’s no running around trying to entertain hundreds of guests. You can actually slow down and enjoy sincere conversations with the people that are closest to you. Most importantly, you can spend more time with your new spouse! You’ll have more quiet moments together to soak in your incredible day and the start of your marriage. It’s important that couples find time to breathe on their wedding day. You’re starting your life with your spouse, so why wouldn’t you want a quiet moment away from the crowd to celebrate?

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Small Wedding Photography

Small weddings also mean that you will have more photos of your wedding day! It’s much easier to take photos of a couple at different times throughout the day during an elopement or small wedding. You also won’t have to compromise visiting with your loved ones or having one-on-one time with your spouse to take beautiful portraits.

Venue for Small Wedding

With the 2022-2023 wedding boom, wedding venues are being booked out further and further in advance. Having a small wedding means it will be easier to find the right venue for your wedding date! You have more flexibility for choosing a wedding venue with less guests. You can also get creative when you’re looking for a wedding venue for a small wedding and choose an outdoor space, or even an Airbnb or beautiful backyard!

You Can Splurge on What You Really Want

You can also splurge a little on what you really want for your wedding day. Large weddings can be very costly. To just feed each guest, you might pay $80-150 per person, or even more. Then there are chair and table rentals, decor for each table, the drink tab (you get the point). With fewer guests, you can spend a little more per guest to create a better dining experience, a thoughtful wedding favor, the decor you really want, your dream floral arrangements, or even spring for a destination wedding! The point is that you have more space in your budget to create the wedding you’ve been dreaming of by splurging on the things that matter most.

How Much Do Small Weddings Cost?

As a vendor, I know how much everything can cost on a wedding day. Renting a venue is not cheap. Hiring a photographer is a large investment. But having a smaller wedding can help to alleviate some of the financial stress. Do any of us really want to start out our marriage with debt from day one? Probably not. Financial stress is actually one of the biggest reasons that marriages don’t last. Yes, a beautiful wedding day is worth spending money on, but why not save for the life you’re building together? Put the money you save by having a smaller wedding towards a home or an incredible honeymoon. A beautiful and lasting marriage is an even better investment than a wedding day.

how much do small weddings cost

Things that might cost less at a smaller wedding include:

Wedding Photography

You may be able to lower your hours of coverage and still have everything documented at a small wedding!

Wedding Venue

Smaller, more intimate wedding venues typically cost less than large event spaces.

Decor & Rentals

You won’t need to rent or as many chairs and tables to create a beautiful event.


You’ll pay for food for fewer guests.


You can purchase a smaller wedding cake since you’ll have fewer guests enjoying a slice!

Finding a Wedding Photographer

My name is Danielle and I am a Sacramento wedding photographer who is in love with love! I get to capture incredible love stories with images that become a part of your heritage. If you are looking for a romantic wedding photographer that will laugh and cry with you on your wedding day, reach out to me today!

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