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June 27, 2017

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And were off… I am so very excited to start this next chapter of Bloom for the simple reason that I will be able to share this journey with you and help you too along the way. I’ll have to admit I am a little nervous… ok make that very nervous to be opening the doors to my world. The vulnerability is at an all time high right now. But with all good adventures we must start somewhere and take a deep breath and just go for it.

Writing a blog for me is best explained by the anticipation of a first date. You spend the week contemplating on if you should just cancel the whole thing. Even up till the night before or the morning of you wonder if you should really go through with it. But there is a hope that this could be something good. So you get ready, looking fabulous of course. Nervous , excited , optimistic and still a little doubtful. Millions of questions running through your head like will it work out or come crashing down. But who knows. Live young wild and free…right?

So you date this special someone for awhile. Laughing, getting annoyed, and then more laughing. But then something clicks and you fall madly in love. There are hiccups and bumps but it’s still somehow perfect. That is basically how I fell in love with my business and well I guess my now husband too. Haha.

So let the doors burst open into tips and tricks of what I have learned as a photographer to being a bride and everything in between . I realized my goal as a photographer was not to just take romantic images but to help people truly feel the romance when they look at their photos to relive the experience. To remember the moments that were captured. My husband and I were standing in your shoes not too long ago… Newly engaged and a twinkle of love in our eyes ready to walk down the road to forever and always. I want to share what we learned, what we wished we did better and how to plan your wedding day with your photography in mind.

So hold on to your handles and make sure you’re buckled up because adventure and love awaits… Let’s go live it up!

Our Best Day Ever 06.11.16


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