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SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA ANNIVERSAY SESSION A beautiful and strong couple that I had the pleasure of photographing. Military veterans and loving parents. This couples energy filled the space and gave me chills.  There was so much strength and joy in their love that anyone who walked past them couldn’t ignore. A certain chemistry that makes you […]

Last summer I photographed one of the most beautiful destination weddings and it took this what I thought to be an adventurous girl ( me ) and my super city husband on the most terrifying night of our life. I was contacted by the a sweet couple from Las Vegas, Nevada wanting to elope in […]

Okay you guys… spilling some tea for you. I know in this day of age everyone and I mean everyone is a photographer. Cameras are easy to purchase and YouTube tutorials are everyone’s best friend. I am definitely a fan of how to videos. I’m also a believer in we all have to start somewhere.EXCEPT […]

The last thing on our minds for 2020 was a Global pandemic! It really seems like a something out of a movie. For my couples planning their big day it seems like the worse movie plot they have ever seen. If wedding planning isn’t stressful enough I know this is a major blow to the […]

Hey… I’m Danielle & Welcome to my blog! Okay I’ll be honest from the start. Even saying “Welcome to my blog” gives me some (maybe a lot) of anxiety. What to say.. what to do… yup this will be a, let’s say an experience. I am a mama & wifey to the two most amazing […]

I chase golden sunsets, I believe the ocean is where peace lives and my love for storytelling through imagery will give you a portrait that you not only see but can feel. 

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